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Day 1 RBR18

Day one of Rust Bucket Rally 2018 - Done 

We set off from our home in Northampton at 2am to head for our starting point of Baldry’s HQ in The Borough! At 3am we started the convoy down to Dover - a little bleary eyed but in good spirits! 
I believe all but one Rust Bucket made it to Dover for the Ferry! That’s 39 or so cars who made it to Calais (including a VERY old limo  )

Day one this year is a slog of a drive - our sat navs called a 9 hour motorway stint as we set off for our first stop in Berlin! You would think that would make for a pretty uneventful day, but this is The Rust Bucket Rally we’re talking about...!

At about the half way point one of our cars had a light appear on the dash board - convinced it was “probably just a service light” Cav decided to test the car on the AutoBahn until another, more qualified Rust Bucketeer informed us that not only was the back of our car pretty much black, every time we accelerated our exhaust was puffing black smoke 
This didn’t stop Cav, who thought the most logical thing to do was to speed up so that if we DO break down, at least we’re a little further on! 

We finally stop to check the car and turns out that despite filling the oil before we set off, it was completely bone dry - we refill the oil, travel 100 miles down the road and check it another time, to find once oil left. Turns out our car burns oil quicker than fuel. 
We’re going to take it a bit easier tomorrow - although we've since been told by a fellow Rust Bucketeer, who is also a mechanic, that it will be a miracle if our car makes it. Greaaaat!

Anyway, we set off for Berlin with 3 hours to go - only to be struck by the WORST flash storm (that brought the whole motorway to a standstill) with hailstones the size of actual ice cubes. Yes our roof was down and yes it hurt!

Soaking wet and completely knackered we make it to our hotel in time for a shower and change before heading to a bierkeller! When in Germany!

Until tomorrow...