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Day 3 RBR18

Day three of Rust Bucket Rally 2018 - Done 

We had a little lay in this morning, the alarm didn’t go off until 6.30 and we were met with beautiful views of the sun coming up over Lake Como which made crawling out of bed a little bit easier!

We set off for 8am back along the Italian roads heading for Switzerland - day 3 this year is shorter in distance but took us on 4 different passes through The Alps. As expected, the views were spectacular! Pass 4 took us to the Panoramic Road - a single track all the way up the mountains (with cars traveling in both directions 
The weather was absolutely beautiful and today confirmed just how much we love Switzerland!

Down from the Mountains, we headed to the border for France! We had about a 3 hour trip to our hotel in Dijon and as we were back on flat roads, I took over the driving! With 25 minutes to go, the flash lightening started, the heavens opened and visibility got so bad I couldn’t see the car in front. The same thing happened last year... I’m sure I’m a bad omen! 
Time to remind you that Rust Bucket Rules mean the roof has to be down in all weathers, which was all fun and games until the hail came down again!!! I don’t know what’s with the European hail, but it’s on steroids for sure! 
I blindly had to find the hard shoulder and put the roof up (I don’t care if it’s against the rules - I’m still bruised from the hail on day 1!) but the roof could not have gone up any slower if it tried! 
Traumatised from that little episode, Cav got back in the hot seat to get us through the storm and into Dijon! 

We arrived at the hotel just before 8 - in time for dinner and some drinks. We're up and off for 7.30 tomorrow to head to Calais to catch the ferry home...! Timescales are tight so we’re going to have to go some to make it....

Until then...