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SEO - Getting Seen on Google

SEO Tips

Getting your website seen is on search engines is becoming more important than ever. The growing competition for sites ranking for keywords means that you have to be constantly aware of where your website ranks, keeping a look out for any changes in your websites position in the search results. 

Changes in your search engine rank can be caused by other sites improving their SEO and knocking you down in the rankings, getting a google penalty by wrongly optimising your own SEO, or search engine algorithms them selves changing and effecting the way that sites rank in the results.

Here are some of the most important aspects of SEO:

1. For best SEO results you need to focus on both off site and on site SEO. The SEO on your website it's self could be fantastic, however if you are not getting enough back links or visits from social media search engines may not rank you as high as other sites that are generating more visitors from social media and external links. External links from other sites also are seen in the eyes of search engines as votes to your website. If your website has a lot of links to it from other websites search engines will see your website as a more credible website.

2. SEO takes time to build up, ranking at number one in the search results doesn't happen over night. Start optimising your SEO as soon as possible, the longer you leave it the more time is wasted. SEO work you have done now may not take effect on your rankings for weeks, or even months.

3. You are responsible for your SEO, search engines will not remove penalties just because you weren't aware of the specifics of the SEO on your website. Take care to avoid penalties. Research and try to avoid them. Prevention is far better than a cure. Once you have a penalty it can be hard to redeem yourself.

4. Search engines like sites that are updated regularly and have a lot of visitors. A good way to get people visiting your site and having enough content to keep your website updated regularly is to have a blog. An informative blog that is full of useful content will attract visitors, this shows the search engines that your website is valuable to people.

5. Know your competition, analyze what's working for them. Check what on-site and off-site SEO they have used. What works for one site doesn't always work for another site, but keeping a close eye on your competition will help stop you from missing a trick.

6. Remember that Google is not the only search engine. What works for one search engine might not work for another. Many people just focus on one search engine forgetting that they may not rank well on other search engines that many other people use.

7. Adding videos to your website is a great way to make visitors stay on your website for longer. Search engines don't just judge how many visitors you have or what pages they go to. They also take into account how long your users stay on your website. If your users are only on your website for a short period of time, your website probably doesn't have very engaging content on it. Make sure your websites content is engaging to make your visitors stay on your site and show the search engines that your website is important to your users.

8. Make sure you optimise your websites speed. Search engines like fast reliable websites.

9. Make sure you make the topic of your page clear for both search engines and human visitors. Adding your most favored keywords to your title tag, meta description and h1, h2 and h3 tags will show the search engines what your website should rank for. Make sure that your keyword density is also good, try not to water down your keywords with other content too much without making your website seem spammy to your visitors.

10. Before you optimise your website, make sure that you research your keywords. Use the Google keyword tool to analyze what keywords will be best for you to aim for. Keywords that generate the most traffic with the least competition are usually the best to go for. These give you the best chance of ranking high quickly while still getting your website seen by as many users as possible.

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